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SOLE Financial Partners with Costello’s Ace to Offer Financial Services to Unbanked Employees

Posted:   January 17, 2018
SOLE Financial has partnered with Costello’s Ace Hardware, an Ace Hardware franchise with 30 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Maryland to promote financial inclusion by offering SOLE paycards to Costello’s unbanked employees. Employers like Costello’s are uniquely positioned to invite the 26% of American...

12 Days of Paycards Giveaway

Posted:   December 14, 2017
On the first day of Christmas, SOLE Financial gave to me….a partridge in a pear tree. Just kidding. We don’t know where to get partridges. Instead, we’re giving away $100 a day, for 12 days! How to Enter to Win: To enter to win, just...

Creating a Sense of Community in the Workplace

Posted:   December 13, 2017
Whether or not you’re attempting to build a sense of community in the workplace, your office is a social place and it will, despite any designs to the contrary, function like one. How so? When you staffed your organization, you had a division of labor in mind, but...

How to Prepare Your Payroll for a Natural Disaster

Posted:   November 20, 2017
Take a second to imagine the unimaginable. You’ve seen it dozens of times on TV, on Twitter, and on Facebook in recent years: A hurricane blows through Florida; A tidal wave destroys an entire coastal town; An earthquake leaves a city in shambles. As climate change worsens, natural...

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