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Hiller Plumbing Achieves 100 Percent Direct Deposit Through SOLE Paycards

Posted:   September 19, 2017
PORTLAND, September 19, 2017- ​​Achieving 100 percent direct deposit at any company, no matter the size, is a great accomplishment. More and more companies are offering paycards, like the SOLE® VISA® Paycard, to provide direct deposit to their unbanked employees. One of the most recent companies to achieve 100...

SOLE Financial’s Paperless Trees Project, Two Months and 2233 Trees Later

Posted:   September 13, 2017
Portland, Ore., September 13, 2017 ( -  Since July 1st 2017 when SOLE Financial rolled out their new corporate social responsibility program, Paperless Trees Project, they have planted 2233 trees and 64 clients have gone 100% paperless with their payroll including, Habitat for Humanity of NW Indiana, Luke's Lobster, and...

So Your Seasonal Job is over, now what?

Posted:   August 04, 2017
Summer jobs can be fun, often you get to spend your time outside and making some new friends hopefully. Then the weather starts to get colder and you start to wonder, what’s next? For some of you it might mean going back to school or finding a new...

Yes, Paycards are Worth it

Posted:   July 17, 2017
Back in November 2016, the podcast Smallbiz Brainiac talked about paycards. Though the podcast gets some things right about payroll card state laws, his general assumption that paycards aren’t worth the hassle is a passing observation that’s just wrong. Sure if you run a really small business,...

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