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So you’ve lost your SOLE Paycard, now what?

Posted:   April 21, 2017
It’s the story as old as time, you were riding the Shock Wave roller coaster down at the Six Flags having the time of your life and you didn’t even notice your SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card was missing. After burning so many calories from...

Four Ways SOLE Helps Your Business Be Eco-Friendly

Posted:   April 14, 2017
April 22nd is Earth Day, a day for individuals and businesses to reflect on how we can take better care of our planet. Businesses know that sustainable business practices are more than just a way to save a few trees. Green practices offer great cost saving benefits. Many customers...

Why it’s the Employer’s Fiduciary Responsibility to Provide a Paycard Option to their Employees

Posted:   March 23, 2017
As an employer you provide your employees with other benefits than just pay. Odds are you probably provide, at least your full time employees, with health insurance, retirement, PTO, and some other perks. So why not also provide an option for your unbanked employees to get paid on direct deposit...

Why your Unbanked Employees Need Paycards in 2017

Posted:   February 23, 2017
This post is an updated version of a similar one we did last year entitled: Why Your Unbanked Employees Need Paycards. All of the points brought up in that blog post are still very much relevant, but due to the ever increasing digital payment space, the SOLE Paycard is a...

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