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Cost Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

Posted:   December 14, 2016
Sure the holiday season can be lots of fun, but between presents, parties, decorations, and everything in between it can be expensive. Instead of draining your SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card account on extra costs here are some tips to keep costs down this holiday season. Have a Potluck ...

How to get your tax return direct deposited onto your SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card

Posted:   November 30, 2016
Asking the government to do something quickly is the same as asking a tree to grow quicker, it’s probably not going to happen. Speed things up a bit once tax season (January 15th through April 15th) roles around and get your refund deposited right onto your SOLE®...

SOLE Financial partners with Corporate Payroll Services

Posted:   November 11, 2016
SOLE Financial, a rapidly growing company in the payroll card marketplace, has partnered with Corporate Payroll Services, to offer its paycard solution to Corporate Payroll’s 6000+ small- and mid-sized businesses across the U.S. Corporate Payroll Services’ decision to partner with SOLE Financial was based on the low...

SOLE’s Text Alert System Has Been Updated

Posted:   November 08, 2016
SOLE’s text alert system has been updated! Previously you would text 42265 to get text alerts from now on you’ll be texting 58084* to get updates about your SOLE Paycard Account. Along with a new number there’s also some new functions too! Bal or B Balance ...

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