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6 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted:   July 24, 2015
For all its modern conveniences, living in the Information Age can feel more like living in the Wild West. With the vast, undiscovered plains of information, navigating the Internet can be daunting. However, there are tons of golden nuggets of wisdom out there for you; you just need to know...

Top Summer Budgeting Tips: Get it all…without sacrificing your financial stability

Posted:   June 15, 2015
When it comes to budgeting, sometimes it helps to have the facts right in front of you. Instead of swiping your paycard and hoping you have sufficient funds, a budget helps you to plan ahead and empower yourself by designating an amount you can afford at the beginning of every...

Case Study Recap: How Much Can SOLE Save Your Business?

Posted:   May 29, 2015
Companies are always looking for opportunities to be more efficient. Maintaining a healthy profit while also cultivating positive company culture is a challenge many businesses face. One way to cut costs while simultaneously benefiting employees is to implement a paycard program into your existing payroll system. At SOLE Financial, we...

That’s Peachy!: Georgia Paycard Payroll Legalized

Posted:   May 26, 2015
What do we consider success? When 1.2 million more unbanked and underbanked Americans have the same access to their money as the traditionally banked. As more and more states implement legislation that allows employers to pay their employees via paycard, financial inclusion grows. Today we’re celebrating Georgia which passed...

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