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Brian Head Resort Launches Visa® Pay Card to Eliminate Paper Checks

Posted:   November 19, 2013
With ski season just around the corner, SOLE Financial partners with Brian Head to provide sustainable, convenient payment options for remote resort employees. Brian Head, UT. (November 11, 2013) – SOLE Financial, the leader in payroll debit card services, is proud to announce its continued partnership with Brian Head Resort to streamline...

2013 Visa-NFL National Promotion: a Chance for YOU to Gain VIP Access to Super Bowl XLVIII!

Posted:   November 18, 2013
What do you get when you combine the anticipation of late winter football season with being rewarded for things you already do? The 2013 Visa-NFL National Promotion, of course! Just like last year, Visa has partnered with the NFL to bring Visa users the chance for the opportunity of a lifetime...