Top 4 Ways to Avoid Fees on Your SOLE Visa® Payroll Card

open Posted:   November 04, 2015

Some of the easiest ways to avoid fees you may have grown accustomed to paying, like money order and ATM fees, are also the keys to making life easier with your paycard. Keep reading for our top tips for avoiding fees, and see a list of common fees here.

1. Cash Back:

  • Did you know: Using your paycard at the ATM can cost two separate fees. You pay our standard fee as listed in our fee schedule, and most ATM owners charge an additional fee. Each trip to the ATM could cost you $6 – that’s $312 a year if you make a withdrawal once a week.
  • Instead: When you swipe your card at the grocery store, select “debit” and follow the instructions for cash back. There is no charge for getting cash back or for swiping your paycard at the store, and you can easily incorporate it into your grocery shopping and save yourself a trip to the ATM. Most grocery retailers offer cashback for PIN transactions.

2. Checking Your Balance:

  • Did you know: Depending on the nature of your inquiry, calling our customer service line for assistance can cost $3, especially for information or assistance that is available elsewhere. Balance inquiries at the ATM will incur fees as well, even if you aren’t withdrawing funds.
  • Instead: Check your balance at or on our mobile app. Just log in and select “card activity” and you’ll see your current balance and transaction history at no cost.*

3. Paying Bills:

  • Did you know: Your cell phone bill, car payment, insurance, and cable can all be paid over the phone using your paycard number, instead of in person, at no extra cost to you. Paying your bills over the phone with your card number saves you priceless time and energy spent waiting in line to pay bills at the merchant, and eliminates the cost of paying for money orders. For bills that are paid directly to an individual, like your rent, our bill pay service is online. All you have to do is fill out the receiver’s information and we’ll mail a check for you—all from the comfort of your own home.

4. Pay for gas inside the gas station

  • Did you know: “Pay at the pump” service is not available to SOLE Paycard holders in order to protect you from $100 holds that gas stations tend to place on cards swiped at the pump.
  • Instead: In order to ensure you have access to your hard-earned money on your payroll card at all times, pay the exact amount of gas you intend to pump inside the gas station before filling up your car to prevent a “pay at the pump” hold from being placed on your account.

*Data fees from your wireless provider may still apply