Use Your SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card for Any Direct Deposits

open Posted:   March 18, 2016

any direct deposits

Some employers require direct deposits, while others don’t. If you have more than one job, it can be a headache to manage your money when some of it is coming from a paper paycheck, some of it is on your paycard, and maybe some of it is in cash, too. The good news: getting paid can be way easier! Did you know you can receive your paycheck from your second job (or even your third job) on your SOLE Paycard?

Because your paycard is yours, not your employer’s, you can use it for any direct deposits, even after you leave the job where you received it. You can also add other direct deposits, like your financial aid or your tax return, to your paycard at any time.

Have you ever opened a traditional bank account when times are good only to end up closing it when the overdraft fees pile up? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. According to the 2013 FDIC Survey of Un- and Underbanked Households, many households cycle in and out of the banking system when major life events, such as job loss or a new job, occur. With your paycard, you don’t have to stay in this cycle. Job or no job, you never have to worry about overdraft fees. Educate yourself on the paycard fee schedule and the 4 Best Ways to Avoid Paycard Fees so you can use your paycard indefinitely without racking up costs.

How do I add other direct deposits?

Your paycard comes with a routing number and account number, like a traditional bank account does. For your second job, give those numbers to the person who manages payroll. For other direct deposits like your tax return, you’ll want to look the numbers up and copy and paste them when you’re asked for direct deposit information as you’re filling out the appropriate forms.

How do I find my routing and account number?

You can find your paycard’s routing number and account number two ways:

Log into your SOLE Paycard app for iPhone or Android and select “Direct Deposit”
Or, log into, where you’ll see the numbers on the home screen under “Account Information”

Watch the how-to video:


If you’re having trouble with either of these methods, call our main customer service line at 800-457-5809 to speak to an account manager, who can help you locate your direct deposit information.