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Help Your Employees

According to a recent NACHA Study, 87% of employees prefer to be paid via direct deposit rather than a paper check. Give your unbanked employees this extra benefit at no cost to you. 

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Reduce Your Payroll Costs

The SOLE paycard eliminates lost checks, stop payment fees, replacement check fees, and check delivery fees. Why spend money when you don't have to? 

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Seamless Integration

The SOLE paycard works with any direct deposit platform. You simply put the routing numbers and account numbers into your current payroll system as a "checking" account and  your employees will be paid via direct deposit!

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Preserve the Environment

Paycards help reduce a company's carbon footprint and increase corporate enviornmental responsbility. By eliminating the printing of paper checks and paper envelopes, a company with 10,000 employess could save over 37 tons of paper annually – that's 623 trees! According to

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We appreciate the professional help we got from SOLE to set up our paycard program. Even though we are a smaller company, SOLE worked with us like we were a large corporation, and our limited enrollment did not make a difference in the service we got. We are now 100% paperless due to this program. It’s been easy to use and hassle free from the time we started using the card. Mike Lee
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