At The Beach

The Situation:

Prior to At The Beach’s partnership with SOLE® Financial, all 200 checks for their underbanked employees were delivered to At The Beach’s corporate headquarters prior to payday every two weeks. The payroll manager would then coordinate overnight check shipments to all 20 locations to be dispersed to employees individually. Inevitably, some of the paper checks would be lost or misplaced each pay period due to the sheer number of hands the checks would pass through before making it to the employees themselves.


The Solution:

By implementing SOLE Visa® Payroll cards to its unbanked workforce, At The Beach eliminated the need for paper checks. Paperless pay allows the payroll team to save time previously spent distributing and tracking paper checks. Kyle Lock, At The Beach’s Payroll Manager, says, “Since we signed up with SOLE and made it policy for employees to be on direct deposit or a pay card, I save about 3-4 hours every two weeks.” Unbanked employees are always paid on time via direct deposit to their paycards and no longer need to spend their hard-earned paychecks on check-cashing and money orders. Says Lock, “Our employees love how the card is treated like a debit card. They also like how they can personalize their pay card, and how it still belongs to them if they leave At The Beach.”


From SOLE Financial President, Tom Secor:

“At The Beach was able to help its employees by partnering with SOLE Financial. Businesses in this vertical tend to employ workers who are young and/or un-banked, and who may not even be aware of the alternatives to the high price they’re paying to simply cash their checks. Now At The Beach is able to give its employees the priceless gift of time—time that was previously spent picking up and cashing checks, or waiting in line to buy money orders—in addition to eliminating the steep costs associated with paper checks, folks have a new peace of mind knowing that they’ll have access to their pay on payday sooner and cheaper than ever before.”


Projected annual company savings: $14,560

Projected annual employee savings: $142,200

Total annual savings: $156,760

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