Restaurant HR Group

The Facts:

330 restaurant employees

205 paper checks

30 locations in Illinois

The Situation:

Prior to Restaurant HR Group’s partnership with SOLE® Financial, all 205 checks for the un- and underbanked employees who work at the restaurants represented by Restaurant HR Group were written by an external payroll company before being shipped to 30 individual restaurants each week. Employees, many of whom worked late nights in the restaurants, would rush to the restaurant offices on Friday morning to pick up their paper checks, inconveniencing themselves and creating chaos for the restaurant managers. After picking up their paychecks, the employees would then head to check-cashing stores, where they were faced with fees and long lines, to access their hard-earned pay.

The Solution:

By implementing SOLE Visa® Payroll Cards to its unbanked workforce, Restaurant HR Group eliminated the need for paper checks for the majority of their Chicago restaurant clients. The individual managers of the restaurants serviced by Restaurant HR Group save time previously spent distributing and tracking paper checks. Jeanne Rooney, Payroll & Benefits Specialist, says, “The managers love it! They don't have employees clamoring for checks first thing on Friday morning each week, and the accounting folks love that they don't need to reconcile so many checks.” Unbanked employees are always paid on time via direct deposit and no longer need to spend their hard-earned paychecks on check-cashing and money orders. Says Rooney, “The employees like that their money is just on the card each week and they don't have the hassle of having to get checks cashed anymore.”

From SOLE Financial President, Tom Secor:

“Restaurant HR Group was able to help its employees by partnering with SOLE Financial. Now all employees can easily participate in the current direct deposit program which saves both time and money — the exercise of picking up then paying to cash their paper check is over. The employees now have a new peace of mind knowing that they’ll have access to their pay on payday sooner and cheaper than ever before.”

Projected annual company savings: $29,848

Projected annual employee savings: $145,755

Total annual savings: $175,603

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