The Facts:
92 employees
75 paper checks
Specialty grocery & butcher shop
6 locations in Georgia

About RuBo’s: RuBo’s is a chain of family-owned specialty grocery and butcher shops founded in 1971. Operating under the names RuBo’s, Piglet and Piggly Wiggly, each of the company’s six Georgia locations maintains an onsite butcher during all hours of operation.

The Situation: RuBo’s was issuing 75 paper checks each week to pay the majority of its employees. Each paper check cost the company only $0.27 cents to print, because the company didn’t pay any postage to ship its checks. However, this unusually small printing cost meant that someone from the corporate office spent every Friday driving hundreds of miles from location to location, hand-delivering paper checks to each of the six RuBo’s-owned stores. If there was traffic, or something else took priority that day and delayed the person making the deliveries, checks would be late. Employees who weren’t at work would call their stores repeatedly on payday to see if paychecks had arrived. If a check was missing or had an error, the affected employees would have to make it through the weekend without their paycheck, waiting to receive their hard-earned money on Monday.

The Solution: RuBo’s made the choice to eliminate paper checks to improve efficiency and prepare for the future in March of 2016. The company elected to offer the SOLE Paycard as the direct deposit option for their employees who didn’t already have bank accounts. Using the Georgia Launch Flier available on the SOLE Paycard Laws page, employees were asked to choose between direct deposit to a traditional bank account and the SOLE Paycard. By April of 2016, RuBo’s had converted to 100% direct deposit, eliminating Friday check deliveries and the time-consuming process of printing and sorting paper paychecks.

The Payroll Team: Says Trish Campbell, Bookkeeper, “It’s so much easier to do our weekly payroll now. I used to spend two and a half hours on payroll every Tuesday, and that time has been cut down to 45 minutes each week after implementing paycards. Employees love it, because they don’t have to wait to get paid on payday. For many of them, it’s their first time having access to direct deposit. We also love to use the ePix feature to get our employees cards with the company logo, which makes the paycard more personal.”

Why It Worked: A true paycard program champion, Campbell made sure every employee who opted for a paycard in the transition to direct deposit understood the best uses of their new card. Before the employees activated the cards, she visited each RuBo’s location to sit down with future cardholders and explain how they could avoid fees and use the card as a replacement for a traditional bank account.

What’s Next: All new hires receive the option to choose between the paycard and direct deposit to a traditional bank account, along with an explanation of the differences between the two. Of the new hires who opt for the paycard, they receive a personal note from Campbell with instructions to call her before using the card. On the phone call, Campbell explains the fee structure and breaks down how the paycard should be used to avoid incurring fees.

Projected annual company savings: $10,920
Projected annual employee savings (per employee): $628.00
Projected annual employee savings (all employees): $47,100
Total annual savings: $58,020

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